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  • Workplace Experiential Learning: We are seeking partners who are willing to work with our educators to plan and implement workplace-based or school-based experiential, theme-based activities that complement the curriculum and provide students with valuable first-hand knowledge, and hands-on introduction to various workplace environments. These may include partial or full day site visits with an educational component or shorter duration field trips.

  • Individual Experiential Learning: We are seeking partners who are willing to work with an individual or small student group to provide summer or afterschool internship opportunities or professional mentorship at the school related to skills, professionalism, and career development.

The Maine Ocean School Workforce & Community Development Committee exists to enhance outreach to industry, business, organizations, and community programs to form partnerships and knowledge-sharing that advance the school’s mission of experiential education in the four major tracks of Marine Science, Transportation, Engineering, and Management and Stewardship.

The committee focuses its efforts in two ways:

  • Assisting the school’s educators in creating opportunities for students related to workplace-based learning and training, and certification for entry-level, post-secondary employment, that demonstrates to students how foundational technical, communications, and relationship-building knowledge and skills are applied in ‘real-world’ settings.

  • Outreach to, and development of relationships with, workforce and community partners to raise awareness, identify statewide trends and needs, and voice partner support and concerns. This includes coordinating the Partner Advisory Board and organizing several annual Leadership Forums to engage the maritime community across Maine.  

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  • The Partner Advisory Board consists of a group of industry and community leaders in the marine science, transportation, engineering, and management fields that: informs the School of statewide trends and skills needed by the marine workforce; assesses and provides feedback on the School’s current and planned efforts to provide real-world experiences, trainings, and certifications to students, and makes recommendations. The Board meets twice yearly during the academic year, and members are asked to serve two year, non-consecutive terms.

Workforce & Community Development