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Maine Ocean School


Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been interested in the water and marine animals. When I got to fourth grade, I figured out this was an actual job and decided this was what I wanted to be in life. I made this whole cuttlefish store, which is the marine animal I was obsessed with at that point in time, and decided that people would come and adopt cuttlefish, there would be merchandise, food, stuffies, you name it! Maybe my obsession with cuttlefish didn’t carry with me until my eighth-grade year, but my passion for the ocean most definitely did. Towards the end of my eighth-grade year, my mom told me about Maine Ocean School. It definitely seemed to fit the needs that I had. This was because the school I had been previously going to only had one Marine Biology class, and at that point, I didn’t feel I was doing as much as I could at that point for the future I wanted. I eventually brought up the idea to my best friend, Taylor, who was interested in microbiology. It was hard for me to walk away from the person that I loved, so from there, it started as a tiny idea: “Hey! You could totally study marine microbiology. Some people think that the cure for cancer is in sharks. You could start there!” Despite the fact that it did start off as a tiny idea, we actually made it happen. We applied, wrote an essay, got letters of recommendation, and called one another when we got the acceptance letter. Every step of the way we both were informed on what the other was doing. The next school year, we were enrolled in the inaugural class of Maine Ocean School! From there, it was all marine tracks in the news, crab surveys, beach profiling, going on boats, and walks to the beach. I was in a class with 11 students who felt the exact way that I did about the ocean, who shared the same interests as me. These experiences have most definitely been the best of my life and have definitely made me feel in more control of my future.

- Hannah