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"The kids at Maine Ocean School are here because we want to be. It provides an incredible opportunity, with driven students, advanced academics and a hands-on environment. Being here grows your independence and shows us what we’re really capable of. Many of us have long drives but we show up every day because there's not a doubt in our minds that it's worth it."

-Linford, Class of 2022

"We are a tight-knit group, we are all practically a family. I would encourage students who seek an ocean career to join the Maine Ocean School, for it provides a sense of comfort and family, while at the same time pushing you from your comfort zone and experiencing new and exciting things." 

-Noah, Class of 2021

Maine Ocean School 

info@maineoceanschool.org    207-505-8323
​P.O. Box 10, Searsport, Maine 04974

"These experiences have most definitely been the best of my life and have definitely made me feel in more control of my future."

- Hannah, Class of 2022

"I love the interdisciplinary aspects of combining regular schooling with the ocean, the hands-on minds-on approach, how I can converse with people in Marine industries and even try some of them out. The school has pushed me out of my comfort zones, allowing me to learn how to speak and lead in front of large audiences and how to conduct my self in professional settings."

-Abby, Class of 2020

"The students are offered internship opportunities with partners of their choice. We also have guest speakersfrom different fields come into the classroom so students can gain more insight into what a certain occupation can involve."

-Cole, Class of 2021

"Maine Ocean School values each student and their unique learning styles. While each student is held to high standards of performance, the faculty are there to support the students to ensure success."

-Betsy, Student Parent