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Maine Ocean School

SeaPerch Remote Operated Vehicle Project

Maine Ocean School students are learning basic skills in ship and submarine design and operation through the “seaperch” Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) process.  Students are introduced to the following concepts while building a SeaPerch ROV:

Ship and submarine design
Soldering/tool safety and usage
Electrical circuits and switches

 The students formed four teams of 2 or 3 students.  Each team selected an underwater ROV mission and designed ROV to accomplish that mission.  Missions selected were:

Collecting samples from the sea bottom
Collecting visual, and temperature data at various water depths
Visual inspection of ship bottoms and mooring structures
Underwater cave rescue support

The teams designed modified versions of the basic SeaPearch ROV to accomplish these missions.


Construction of the ROV structure, thruster, and control subsystems is nearly complete.  Underwater testing and adjustment is scheduled for the week of April 22.   Each team is maintaining an engineering notebook to document the project process, difficulties encountered and solutions to these difficulties.


This project helps meet the High School Academic Standards in Physical Science and Engineering.