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  • What makes Maine Ocean School curriculum unique?

Maine Ocean School programs are unique because every class (even English, Art, Science, Social Studies, PE, etc.) has an ocean theme to engage and motivate student learning. We also offer flexible opportunities to explore different disciplines within marine-related career paths, through specialized 'tracks'. Another unique aspect of Maine Ocean School is the opportunity to achieve professional credentials like Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC), Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC), and more.

  • Does Maine Ocean School only teach STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) courses?

No, Maine Ocean School offers students the full complement of courses necessary to graduate from public high school in Maine - and more! This includes English, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Art, and Physical Education; in addition to STEM courses.

  • What is experiential learning?

"Experiential learning combines direct action and experience with guided reflection, analysis and decision-making about real-life situations." Our students are experiencing the ocean through on- and near-water experiences and regular interactions with marine practitioners. We map these experiences to learning standards required for achieving a high school diploma. More information.

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