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Maine Ocean School

Who We Are

Captain Mike Flanagan

Merchant Marine since 1980

     Captain Mike Flanagan was born in Rockland, Maine and is a member of a coastal Maine family that settled in Rockland in 1846. He enlisted in the United States Navy as a navigation Quartermaster in 1976 specifically to gain the training necessary for pursuit of a career in the United States Merchant Marine. In 1980, one month after discharge from the USN, he joined Military Sealift Command as an Able Seaman.  He then went on to receive his Bachelor’s in Science at the University of Colorado after majoring in political science. Captain Mike worked himself through the ranks to Master and Captained his first ship in 2002. Since 1990, he has recruited for the merchant marine in Maine and knows that this state puts out remarkable hard working men and women (he knows this because he has been working with them on his ships for many years).

     His membership on the board of directors for the Maine Ocean School is directly related to his desire to publicize and educate the youth so they are ready to enter the sea going work force; a force that he believes will need many thousands of workers in the next 10 years.

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