Maine Ocean School
  • What is a magnet school? 

A magnet school is a public school offering special instruction and programs not available elsewhere, designed to attract a more diverse student body from throughout the state. Magnet schools have a focused theme and aligned curricula, with a “hands on – minds on” philosophy. They typically use an approach to learning that is inquiry or performance/project based. They use state, district, and/or national standards in all subject areas, however, the standards are taught within the overall theme of the school.

  • When will the school open?

By law, Maine Ocean School could open its doors as early as Fall 2017, however, a more probable opening date is Fall 2018. The Board of Trustees are dedicated to bringing together the best possible curriculum, staff, faculty, and program - all of which takes time to be done right.

  • Where will the school be located?

The location of Maine Ocean School is to be determined, but we are looking into options near Searsport, Maine. This mid-coast location offers proximity to many assets including, but not limited to: coastal communities, working waterfronts, institutions such as Penobscot Marine Museum, University of Maine, Maine Maritime Academy, and many others. 

  • Is Maine Ocean School a residential school?​

All students attending Maine Ocean School will be required to live in a Maine Ocean School residence hall. More details regarding the school day, weekend schedule, and cost of room and board are currently under discussion. As a public magnet school, students from Maine will attend the school free of tuition charges. The Board of Trustees are dedicated to making the cost of room & board affordable for all students.

  • Will the school open with grades 9-12?

The goal of Maine Ocean School is to serve high school students in grades 9-12. However, like many new schools, we plan to start with a small number of students in fewer grades and build over time. Maine Ocean School plans to serve students in grades 10-11 during its inaugural year.

  • Is Maine Ocean School part of Maine Maritime Academy?​

Maine Ocean School is not affiliated with Maine Maritime Academy.

  • How do I apply to work at Maine Ocean School?

Maine Ocean School is not hiring at this time. We will post employment opportunities on our website when they become available.

Frequently Asked Questions