Plankton Identification

Learn the anatomy and physiology of a variety of aquatic organisms through dissections! Also learn about the animal's importance in the food web. Don't worry, if this makes you squeamish you can opt out!

Site Visits

Nautical Navigation

Students learn how to read and use a chart with equipment mariners would use if technology were not available. The will learn how to plot a course, determine coordinates, identify hazards, and apply the skills out in the field!


Cardboard Boat Construction

Learn how scientists conduct intertidal population studies to examine the health of a system. Students learn how to identify different crab species, how to collect measurements, as well create graphs to understand the data they collected!

​​Course Work Examples

Students learn the importance of working together through a variety of activities throughout the year. In the work field it is important to know whom you can rely on, especially if it is a high risk occupation. We work hard to instill that trust  among teachers and peers at Maine Ocean School. 

Team Building & Leadership

School Year

  1. Animal Dissections

Get a chance to see what maritime career options are available by visiting a number of organizations around Maine! Get a first hand look at what people are doing and pick their brain about how to get there!

Crab Population Study

Outboard Motor Function

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Students learn the physics behind how motors work and then get the opportunity to take an outboard apart to see how the system is put together! 

Students apply the concepts of boat design, Archimedes' principle, and a variety of other science concepts to design and construct a vessel under $20 to keep their team of 3 or 4 afloat for 45 minutes!


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Students learn about the importance of plankton in marine systems. They then collect specimens in the field and learn how to identify them under a microscope!

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