Maine Ocean School is a public magnet high school that provides a “hands-on, minds-on” education on the water, in the lab, and in the classroom. During your time at Maine Ocean School, you will develop personally, academically, and professionally. Whatever your focus – marine science, technology, transportation, or engineering – you will graduate with the skills, knowledge, and tools to build the foundation for a successful future. 


Our mission is to provide a theme-based high school education focused on Maine's maritime connection, with an emphasis on leadership, work ethic, and the transferable skills associated with careers involving the ocean. 

Our vision is for Maine Ocean School to provide an ocean-related, theme-based education designed to actively engage and challenge its students. Graduates will be valued for their strong work ethic, knowledge, experience, and leadership capabilities. Maine Ocean School will stay on the leading edge of innovative technologies and teaching strategies, and help support learning in our communities.


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About Us

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Maine Ocean School Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to support, enhance, expand, and enrich students' educational experiences through private donations, gifts, and grants. Maine Ocean School Foundation helps to carry out the mission and vision of Maine Ocean School by raising private funds to support programs beyond the core school budget.

What We Believe In

Maine Ocean School
  • THE OCEAN. Engaging subject matter cultivates motivation for lifelong learning. 
  • COMMUNITY. Collaboration & accountability promotes deeper understanding.
  • CHALLENGE. Personal and academic growth begins with challenge.
  • SUCCESS. Every student has an opportunity to turn potential into achievement.